The Rag Dolls Series is a work of fiction. I started writing the series during the summer of 2013. The first book of the series, Rag Dolls: Callie’s Story was published in December, 2013 and is available in either digital download or paperback formats through I am currently working on the second novel of the series, Rag Dolls: From the Ashes, which I hope to release early in April, 2014. Rag Dolls: Callie’s Story is the haunting tale of an orphaned teenage girl’s desperate attempt to escape the deadly situation she has been thrust into. In order to make her escape, Callie Hunter must embark on a dangerous and terrifying journey of the unknown. She is guided on her journey by her memories of her grandmother’s teachings, her strong love and empathy for other people and her psychic intuition. With the exception of Callie, I have omitted physical descriptions for the foster children in Rag Dolls: Callie’s Story and I have chosen not to specify geographical locations. This was not an oversight on my part. I omitted these details because child abuse can and does happen everywhere; even in your own hometown. The children in this book could be your neighbors or your child’s classmates.

308 pages

Huckleberry Project; 1 edition (January 13, 2014)

English , ASIN: B00H87C3F8


After the sudden death of her beloved Nana, Callie is ripped away from everything she knows and placed in a filthy, loveless home which is overcrowded with foster children. Because of her ability to feel other’s emotions, she is overwhelmed by pain from the other children. Callie knows that if she is to survive, she will have to turn off her emotions completely, but this makes people around her uncomfortable. She is moved from home to home, but she fits in nowhere. Finally she’s moved to a home where she hopes she’ll be able to stay until graduation, but something terrible happens. Now, she has a secret which she knows could get her killed. She knows that if she wants to live she’ll have to leave, but she has no money, no family and nowhere to go. She tries to escape but he’s following her and he’s getting closer. Will Callie escape with her life?

“I would recommend this book for any one with a heart, it shows the good and bad in people, and how they should work on the system a lot more for the children’s sake. It held my interest so well I read it from front to back cover in one setting. Great job Shelley Terrell”   Darlene Onyetton, July 20, 2014

“I really enjoyed this book. It makes you feel a lot of different emotions throughout this book; Sadness, happiness, disgust, and anger. But this is a page Turner and I was not able to put it down until the next morning when I finished it. I usually don’t give away anything that happens in a book I read when posting a review, but I will say that the things that happen to this child happen everyday in this world and when you read this not only will you feel emotions for callie, but in the back of your mind you will also be feeling for the children in the world. This was an excellent read and can’t wait to read the next one” Marlaon, February 2014

“An inspirational story – A must read. Ms. Terrell does an excellent job restoring one’s faith in the goodness of humankind. Callie is a compelling and compassionate character who will capture your heart and soul” Jeannette Hugginson, January 2014

“This book is excellent! I highly recommend it to everyone. I can hardly wait until the next one in the series becomes available. I could not put it down. Veredia Vanbeberon, December 2013

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