Free Digital Copy of Rag Dolls: Callie’s Story As Promised

I never can keep a secret. I get too excited. I guess I’m one of those excitable types. If I buy a gift for someone, I tell them. If I plan a surprise for someone, I tell them.¬†I just can’t help it! And now, here I go again…

Rag Dolls: Callie’s Story will be featured tomorrow, November 12, 2014, on ChoosyBookworm’s “FREE Read and Review Ebooks Program.” What that means is that if you are one of the first 50 people to request it, you will be emailed a free digital copy of Rag Dolls: Callie’s Story,” and all you have to do is agree to review it on!

The way the program works is that the first 50 people who go to ChoosyBookworm’s ¬†website and request “Rag Dolls: Callie’s Story” (after the feature becomes active) will be emailed a link to download the book FREE in exchange for a review. I’ll post links to the feature page on my Facebook and Twitter pages tomorrow, so if you haven’t liked my Facebook page or followed me on Twitter, now is the time to do it!

Of course ChoosyBookworm will advertise the program to their own subscribers, too, but I promised you, my loyal readers, that the first 25 people who registered on my website would get a free digital copy. Since my website has been experiencing technical difficulties, I’m afraid it may have been a little difficult for some to register. So, instead of giving away 25 copies, I’m giving away 50. All you have to do is be one of the first 50 to request it.

Remember, you can’t request your free digital copy until the “Rag Dolls: Callie’s Story” feature is active on

And PLEASE don’t forget to register on for your chance to win a free Kindle Fire.


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