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The week before Halloween, I took my 10 year old son Damien to Walmart so he could pick out his Halloween costume. He was VERY excited! We had been planning our shopping trip for days (in 10 year old Damien’s mind, it had been weeks). We decided we would stop at our local pizza restaurant and eat before our shopping trip so we wouldn’t have to rush. Throughout dinner, Damien talked about various costumes he wanted to look at before he made his final decision. Imagine his disappointment when we arrived at Walmart and found that the entire Halloween section was filled with Christmas trees! That’s right; there was not a Halloween costume in the store. Sadly, Damien dropped his head and we left the store.

I’m telling you this story because I want to know that I do realize that it’s too early to be advertising Christmas. We still have Thanksgiving to enjoy. However, I feel like it’s important to tell you now about the free Kindle Fire HD 6 Tablets that I am giving away in time for Christmas. I will give away one tablet each week between November 26, 2014 through December 10, 2014. The contest is open to anyone. All you have to do is register on my website. Please don’t forget to verify your email by clicking on the link in the email you receive after you register. If you didn’t get an email from us please check your spam/junk folder. As a last resort, if you still cannot find the email, you might want to register again. It is possible that your email address may have been entered incorrectly.

We’re going to pick our winner the old-fashioned way. Each week, we will print our list of registered users and put the email addresses in a box. Damien will draw a winner. The winner will be notified by email and the Kindle will be shipped in time for Christmas. A side note: we have had some feedback that some people are having trouble getting on the site. This is a Yahoo Hosting problem and they have assured us that they are working on it. Meanwhile, please don’t give up! Keep trying and you will eventually get through.

Our Halloween story did end happily. Luckily, there are two stores in Muskogee OK which specialize in costumes. Damien and I made the sixty mile trip and he was able to find the costume of his dreams! He was Jason.

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